Translation of Bitcoin texts into Swedish

Björn is considered one of Sweden’s foremost translators, proofreaders, and reviewers of texts about bitcoin. He has translated and edited several original works from English to Swedish, including books by Saifedean Ammous and Knut Svanholm. Björns own book, the Bitcoin Handbook, provides a glimpse into his writing ability. He also served as editor and proofreader, along with a team from Konsensus Network, for the Swedish version of The Bitcoin Standard, Bitcoinstandarden.

Björn is affiliated with Konsensus Network, the world’s leading publisher specializing entirely in bitcoin and other economically related works. In his capacity as editor and reviewer, he ensures that translated texts flow smoothly in Swedish and are accurate. He also translates texts, brochures, websites, apps, and books.

Björn is a frequently sought-after speaker and expert in blockchain technology and bitcoin. He has appeared on podcasts and conducted training sessions for both private enterprises and the public sector.

The advantage of hiring Björn as your fact-checker for texts related to Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain technology is that you get a person with proven knowledge and experience in both technical terms and the Swedish language, who can convey it effectively and maintain the original text’s essence. Word-for-word translations via digital tools and direct machine translations often lack the ”right feeling” and result in a poorer reading experience for the reader. Björn ensures that your Swedish text about Bitcoin is accurately translated and captures the intended meaning.

Are you looking for a translator from English to Swedish for bitcoin-related material?

Through his network of recognized and skilled Bitcoin experts and linguistically gifted individuals, Björn can also assist you if you’re looking for translators and experts in languages other than Swedish.

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